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The Characteristics Of Air Fryer


There is no oil or less oil in the cooking process: Air fried pots use the principle of high -speed air circulation to turn the air into "oil", quickly heat and crispy food, and make delicious food similar to fried. Like meat, seafood, and fries that have been marinated, you can make excellent taste. If the food itself does not contain oil, such as fresh vegetables and fries, add a spoonful of oil to make the taste of traditional fried methods.

Easy to clean: Before cleaning the air fryer, let the fryer cool, disassemble the drawer food basket, the oil in the frying pan is not sticky, and the metal kitchenware or cleaning tool cannot be used to avoid damaging the non -sticky of the air fryer. coating.

Safe and health: The air fried pot does not need to put food in the oil like traditional fried foods in the oil, and the oil of the food itself will drip into the fried pot. It can reduce the oil by 80%and the body is healthier. The air fryer does not need to wait for a long time when making food, but also the time required for the food to be selected. The control knob can be twisted without traditional fried.

Fast cooking speed: The air fried pot can cook food at a faster speed. Compared with the traditional fryer, the hot air used in the air fryer can pass the calories to the surface of the food faster, so that the food can be baked faster.

Various functions: air fried pots can not only bake food, but also bake, baked bread, grilled cake, etc. Compared with the traditional oven, the design of the air fried pot is more compact and more suitable for cooking small batch food.

In summary, air fryer is a healthy, convenient, safe, fast and diverse kitchen appliance.